Křovina s.r.o.

Za Nádražím 2601, 397 01 Písek

Ing. Jakub Sládeček

Tel.: +420 777 576 850


About us


and welcome in our e-shop. We will be pleased if you find our product range interesting.

The begginging of companie's market activity goes back to the year 1991, where Jiří Chudík (owner of company Křovina) started selling furniture and suppling interior equipment and school furniture. From the year 1992 the company became furniture producer as well.

In our e-shop you can find all standard product range which we manufacture. As a manufacturer we can also offer you the possibility of product customization.

School furniture is produced according to the EU norm - know as EN 1729-1:2007 and EN 1729-2:2007 and is cerfified by corresponding certficate authorities of the Czech Republic. All parts are ecological, causes absolutely no harm to health a cope with all Czech and EU standards.

Warranty given is up to 36 months. Lifetime servising.

Thank you for your interest.

Jiří Chudík
Ing. Jakub Sládeček
owners of the company

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