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Business Terms

1. Purchase agreements

The subject matter of individual purchase agreements will be furniture and other products and services sold by Krovina and specified in its current price lists and/or special offers (hereinafter only the “goods”).

Krovina’s principal obligation resulting from each purchase agreement is to deliver the agreed goods, whereas the buyer’s principal obligation is to accept the goods and pay the agreed purchase price.

2. Ordering

When ordering the goods, the buyer shall specify his representative authorised to buy from Krovina, i.e. to accept the delivered goods and/or to conclude purchase agreements. If no such person is specified in his order or in a supplement to agreement on business cooperation, the buyer shall issue every person purchasing and/or accepting the goods on his behalf with a power of attorney. If no power of attorney is issued, it is understood that whoever presents the buyer’s order to Krovina will be regarded as authorised to buy the goods and whoever is willing to accept the goods from Krovina and to confirm such acceptance will be regarded as authorised to accept the goods.

Orders will be placed through the e-shop formular where all the required detail must be filled out. Especially the data of delivery place must be thoroughly specified.

3. Prices

The purchase price negotiated in any purchase agreement is fixed and cannot be changed without a mutual consent of both contracting parties. If no agreement on the purchase price is reached, the prices featured in Krovina’s e-shop shall be applied.

If the buyer and Krovina agree on any additional services connected with the goods (for instance, colportage in buyer's building, furniture assembling, etc.), Krovina shall be entitled to charge the buyer for such additional services. The exact amount of the charge shall be negotiated in the relevant purchase agreement or specified in compliance with Krovina’s current price list.

If the goods are to be delivered to any place outside Krovina, Krovina shall be entitled to charge the buyer for transportation. If no transportation charge is agreed upon in purchase contract, Ferona shall be entitled to charge the buyer according to its price list. If the charge cannot be calculated in the aforementioned way, Krovina shall be entitled to charge an amount customary at the moment of delivery of the goods and reflecting the method and subject of transportation.

The buyer is not entitled to retain or unilaterally offset or otherwise reduce the price invoiced by Krovina for any reason whatsoever.

Krovina reserves the right to change the prices during the year as a consequence of the imput price change.

4. Delivery terms

If no term of delivery of the goods is agreed upon, Krovina is entitled to deliver the goods at any time. Unless contractually agreed upon otherwise, Krovina may deliver the goods even before the date of delivery and  also in several parts, the buyer being obligated to accept the goods.

The goods shall be regarded as duly delivered once they are accepted by the buyer’s authorised representative. If the goods are to be sent to the buyer, they shall be regarded as delivered once handed over to the first forwarder.

If agreed upon by both contracting parties, Krovina shall arrange for the goods to be dispatched to the buyer. If no delivery place is specified in purchase contract, the goods shall be sent to the buyer’s branch specified in such contract. If no branch is specified in the contract, the goods shall be sent to the buyer’s registered office. If the place of delivery is not accessible by standard trucks, the buyer shall point this fact out to Krovina in his order.

The buyer shall make sure that his representative authorised to accept the goods is present at the agreed place of delivery at the agreed time.

The buyer’s representative authorised to accept the goods must establish his/her identity to Krovina upon the delivery of the goods, state all necessary details in acceptance protocol and confirm his/her reception of the goods.

Common delivery time is from 4 to 6 weeks after confirmation of order acceptance (unless stated otherwise). During the period from beginning of july to the end of august and at the end of calendar year the delivery time can be prolonged. Delivery time of auditorium furniture and atypic orders will be consulted individually.

5. Terms of Payment

Unless agreed upon otherwise, the purchase price shall be payable before Krovina’s delivery of the goods.

The purchase price may be settled:

  1. through a bank transfer to Krovina’s account specified in the relevant purchase contract or otherwise indicated by Krovina (for instance, in its invoice),
  2. by cash at Krovina’s cash desk or paid out to Krovina's driver,
  3. through post or through a forwarder.

If the purchase price is not settled before the delivery of the goods, it shall be payable on the date specified in Krovina’s accounting and tax document - invoice. Krovina shall specify the maturity period of its invoices in accordance with the overall volume of orders and the length of mutual business relations.

The purchase price shall be regarded as duly settled as soon as it is credited to Krovina’s account or paid by cash at Krovina’s cash desk or to Krovina’s driver.

The buyer’s failure to settle the agreed purchase price on time shall be regarded as a gross breach of contract. In such a case, Ferona shall be entitled to claim a punitive interest totalling 0.05% of the outstanding amount for each commenced day of the buyer’s delay. In addition, Ferona shall be entitled to suspend its supplies based on other contracts concluded with the buyer or withdraw from such cntracts.

6. Reservation of Ownership Rights

Krovina shall remain the exclusive owner of all goods until the buyer’s settlement of their entire purchase price.

7. Warranty

Krovina warrants to the original consumer, that the products shall be free of defects in design, assembly, material or workmanship and will repair or replace, at its option, any defective product free of charge. Warranty of Krovina's products is limited to 24 months. The warranty begins on the day of initial purchase of the product by a final constumer from Krovina  (date of purchase of the original purchase receipt or date of the original delivery note). Please note that warranty claims can only be asserted by presenting the original purchase receipt or the original delivery note. Therefore, always keep your purchase receipt or your delivery note together with the warranty documents.

Defects that are caused by improper use or improper maintenance of the product, normal-use tear and wear, overweighting, unqualified manipulation, use of the product in other way than intended and unacceptable changes of the product are excluded from the warranty. Obvious and visible defects must be delivered in written form to Krovina in 5 days after acceptance of the goods.

8. Quality

All goods are made of highest quality components causing absolutely no harm to human health. All good are made in accordance to the European norms.

School furniture is manufactured in accordance with European Norm - EN 1729-1.

9. Concluding Provisions

All legal relations of the parties resulting from concluded purchase agreements shall be governed by the Commercial Code.

All disputes resulting from and/or related to any purchase contract not resolved by mutual negotiations shall be presented to the court having local jurisdiction in the place in which the branch of Krovina concluding such purchase contract has its registered address.

These Business Conditions shall apply to all transactions negotiated after their publication.

All previous delivery, payment and other conditions regulating Krovina’s sales of the goods are null and void.

These Business Conditions are valid from 1st January 2009.

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