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Shopping guide

Shopping guide step by step:

1. Product choosing

You can choose the products by going though individual categories and subcategories of the eshop or with the help of Find button. Products can be sorted by several parameters such as price or name of the product in order to make the choosing easier.

2. Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is available for you for all the time you are in the e-shop. To insert products into Shopping cart just click on Buy button at desired product. In the upper right corner you can see how many items you have inserted into Shopping cart and the total price. By clicking on the number of items you will get to Shopping cart where you can sort the products out and order them.

3. Order

There are severeal steps of the orderig process: 1. Shopping Cart, 2. Check out, 3. Confirm, 4. Order completed. We will get to another step by clicking the button in the bottom right corner (1st step - Go to checkout, 2nd step - Proceed to Check and Confirmation, 3rd step - Confirm order). In the Check out section please be sure you have entered all necessary information - all boxes indicated with *. By clicking on Confirm order the order will be send to us and you will get confirmation on your email.

4. User registration

As a registered user you can easily check your order status or place another order without filling out personal info again. You can register by clicking on Register in the upper right corner of the screen (in the green line). If you are signed in, your name will be visible in this area as well plus you can access User menu where you can manage your account, change your data, check out the orders, see your favourite products and eventually sign out.

You will find detailed information about payment and delivery term in the main menu at the top of the page in the section Terms.

We are happy you have come to your e-shop and are looking forward to your next visit!

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